Romance stories
with heat, heart,
and humor.

(and happily ever afters)

Some things burn hot on and off the track...

A tumultuous season filled with reckless driving, drunken debauchery, and more bad press than a kinky politician leaves five-time Formula 1 World Champion Blake Hollis in desperate need of an image overhaul. To redeem his tarnished reputation, his team decides it’s time for drastic measures. Their solution: a tell-all book that showcases his illustrious career and presents a more respectable public persona.

Enter Ella Gold, a once-renowned sportswriter and podcast host desperate for a fresh start. She accepts the challenge of writing Blake’s biography knowing that getting close to the brooding Brit will be challenging. But interviewing Blake can’t be worse than staying in NYC where rumors of her podcast’s demise follow her like a bad Hinge date.

As they spend the season together, sparks fly, barriers break, and their dynamic shifts from antagonistic to something entirely unexpected. Throughout twenty-one races around the world, they’ll face the ultimate interview question: can they write their own happy ending, or is their love destined to crash and burn?


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drive me crazy

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October 22nd, 2024

Spring 2025

I’m a contemporary romance author who writes stories with heat, heart, and humor. I’ve always been a huge reader and have been writing since I was a kid, but it wasn't until Drive Me Crazy that I decided to take writing seriously and put pen to paper (or my fingers to a keyboard). 

When I’m not at a coffee shop writing, I’m hanging out with my family, checking out the Chicago restaurant scene with friends, scrolling on TikTok, taking photos of my dogs Quincy and Owen, or binge watching Law and Order: SVU.

Thank you for giving my stories a chance!


hi! i'm carly.

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